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  • Check Entire Sprinkler System For Zone Functionality And Possible Improvements

  • Check Controller Run Time And Schedule Settings 

  • Check Functionality Of Rain/Freeze Sensor


  • Sprinkler Smart Controller Upgrades

  • Install Rain/Freeze Sensor

  • Install Drip Irrigation

  • Add/Change/Reroute Zones

  • Main Water Supply Leaks

  • Lateral Pipe Leaks

  • Replace/Troubleshooting Electrical Valves

  • Fix Electrical Valves-Replace Solenoid

  • Replace/Adjust Sprinkler Heads

  • Water Conservation Management Tips


Water Cloud Irrigation Is Your One-Stop-Shop For All Your Irrigation Needs. Whether You’re Looking For Help With Something Minor Or Need An Experienced Professional To Take On a Larger Scale Project — We Are Your Go-To Pro And We Are Ready To Handle It All. Browse Through The List Of Our Services Below And Get In Touch For Your Estimate.


  • Drip Irrigation Zones: Sidewalk (Front And Side Of House), Home Foundation, -Flower Beds

  • Rotor Zone / MP Rotator Zone(s)-4” PGP Hunter Adjustable Rotors: Large Space Area In Backyard

  • Spray Head Zones-Hunter Pro C Brand: Most of the Front Yard, Side Of The House and BackYard 

​Installation Includes:

  • A Brand New Smart Sprinkler Controller Box

  • An electrical Valve Per Zone (3 Year Warranty on Valves)

  • Double Check Assembly - Backflow Preventer

  • An Electric Sprinkler System Master Valve

  • A Shut-off Knob To The Sprinkler System

  • Durable & Professional Spray Heads, Rotor Heads, Drip Tubing, PVC Pipes, Electrical Wiring 

  • Labor Necessary To Install The Sprinkler System

  • City Permits And Regulations


  • Install Drainage

  • Re-route Drainage

  • Unclog Drainage

  • Fix Drainage

  • French Drainage

  • Perforated/SolidPipe Drainage



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